Black 2 Blond is proud to announce that we are supporting this year’s Brilliant! Fundraiser on September 27th at The Commodore Ballroom. Brilliant! is unlike any other fundraiser. It aims to unite Vancouver’s fashion-forward hair stylists, makeup artist, models, dancers and designers to raise funds and awareness for the Mental Health Program at St. Paul’s Hospital. For that reason we are excited to take the opportunity to involve ourselves with this fantastic charity.

Black 2 Blond is one of 12 Vancouver based salons selected to present a 6 minute performance of dance, fashion and music. Our stylists are ensuring those 6 minutes will be a hair and make-up extravaganza! You think you’ve seen big hair? It’s about to get bigger than Ben Hur! The great part is the fun isn’t just for our stylists!

Stay tuned for the behind the scene shots on Facebook