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Feel good about yourself! Beautiful hair, make-up, styling – everything is an emotion; I like myself, I love life! Treat yourself to our european spa culture that will relax, rejuvenate and inspire you for more. Our well trained estheticians will carry out an in-depth consultation prior to your facial and include a unique skin test. This will detect the condition of your skin and enable us to recommend the exact treatment and products your skin requires.

The word SPA comes from the Latin meaning, “to heal with water”. The healing power of water has been known for many centuries: from religious roots of baptism to the thermal springs of the Roman Empire. Its powers have been scientifically proven, and in Germany, even certified as a medical product. La Biosthetique uses pure Spa water from the Black Forest that bubbles from an Artesian spring several hundred meters deep. This water’s unique mixture of minerals and micronutrients in combination with its natural purity guarantee outstanding results.

La Biosthetique is setting a new standard in natural beauty care. We are committed to ecological responsibility.

Our scientists perform intensive research into developing unique beauty products that integrate pure biological ingredients into luxury products. We believe that even nature can be luxurious. In our lines you will find products with up to 100% natural ingredients, pharmaceutical rated and controlled ingredients, and ingredients from certified organic cultivation. La Biosthetique goes to great lengths to provide its customer with the best the world can offer.

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Book 3 or more day spa services and receive 10% off. Gala day spa packages are also available for bridal parties, birthday parties, graduations, corporate affairs & other special occasions.

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Every guest receives a custom scalp test. Our experts will recommend you the best products to use.

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We have always won accolades for our steadfast services, and we promise to continue doing the same in future as well.

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Our experts are the masters of their trait, and deliver satisfactory service every single day!

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