Hair Services

hair styling

Hair Styling

Put Your Hair In Our Hands

At Black2Blond Spa & Salon, our hairstylists begin by focusing on what defines you: your face shape, features, hair and skin type, as well as lifestyle and personal style. Then we apply our expertise to bring out your best.

But hair salon styling and the latest haircuts are only the start. We at Black2Blond are dedicated to exceeding your expectations. Discover our unique Beauty Ritual followed by an individual consultation and our high quality services—a moment of stress relief for head and shoulders, a make-up touch-up, a hot relaxing face treatment for men.

While you are here enjoy complimentary La Biosthetique tea, espresso, latte or cappuccino.


Cut, Shampoo & Style

  • Timing: 60min – 90min

Level 1: 75+
Level 2: 91+
Level 3: 122+

Shampoo & Style (Blowout)

  • Timing: 45min – 75min

Level 1: 45+
Level 2: 55+
Level 3: 65+

Hair Extensions

by consultation


Cut, Shampoo & Styling

  • Timing: 45min – 75min

Level 1: 50+ 
Level 2: 80+ 
Level 3: 100+

hair colour

Hair Coloring

Color Makes The Cut

La Biosthetique Color is famous for its beautiful shine and healthy feeling using soothing Chamomile, Aloe Vera and Coconut oil. Our well trained stylists offer limitless possibilities for your color magic.

La Biosthetique’s, “Tint & Tone Advanced Color System” is based on a unique four in one philosophy. By reducing its environmental footprint with less inventory, while giving stylists unlimited possibilities to achieve their clients wishes, La Biosthetique color is a cut above the rest. It contains the lowest amount of ammonia of any professional color system, having 92% of its active ingredients being naturally derived, such as coconut oil, aloe vera, and chamomile that combine for unequaled results, vibrant colors, a healthy hair structure and outstanding shine and color brilliance.

Our newest Micro-pigment Technology enables the color to produce extraordinary results due to a much smaller color molecule. Color treatments are long lasting and even help strengthen the hair structure while soothing the scalp!



  • Timing: 75min

Level 1: 75+ 
Level 2: 85+ 
Level 3: 95+

Full Head

  • Timing: 75min

Level 1: 95+
Level 2: 105+
Level 3: 115+


  • Timing: 60min

Level 1: 75+
Level 2: 85+
Level 3: 95+


Price: 50


Price: 50


Price: 50


  • Timing: 90min

Level 1: 95+
Level 2: 105+
Level 3: 115+

Creative Hair Color By Consultation
Corrective Hair Color By Consultation


Half Head

  • Timing: 120min

Level 1: 100+
Level 2: 110+
Level 3: 120+

Full Head

  • Timing: 120min

Level 1: 130+
Level 2: 140+
Level 3: 150+

*Salon Hair Coloring Design prices do not include haircut or blowout

hair treatments

Hair Treatments & Conditioning

Treat your hair to the best

La Biosthetique’s Culture goes beyond a perfect cut and color. Let us pamper you with our Spa Hair Treatments for hair and scalp using precious natural care substances for luxurious, healthy feeling hair. A hair and scalp diagnosis and an individual treatment recommendation is something we take for granted and is offered to you complimentary.


  • Timing: 10min

Price: 15+
Freshen up between color processes for vibrant, glamorous shine and deep conditioning! Using bamboo extract which is rich in essential Omega 6 fatty acids, vitamins and mineral salts.


  • Timing: 5min

Price: 15+

Special attention to long hair to keep it healthy and strong! A luxury treatment using an instant care serum for detangling and restructuring.


  • Timing: 15min

Price: 20+

Structure building, deep conditioning spa treatment! Regenerates the hair structure and gives silky shine.


  • Timing: 25min

Price: 30+

For glossy shine, silkiness and gorgeous volume. This innovative formula blends natural premium active ingredients with essential minerals and reconstruction formulas in two unified care phases.


  • Timing: 10min

Price: 30+

Anti-aging treatment with intensive action to combat hair loss and to promote hair growth.


  • Timing: 20min

Price: 30+

This intensive therapy with Anti-Dandruff formulation uses a combination of active ingredients to effectively combat itchiness and soothe or prevent scalp irritations. Scalp peeling mask, relaxing active hair wash which normalizes the scalp environment followed by a soothing scalp cream.



Add a bit of Texture to your Hair!

Remaking hair’s texture through permanent wave formulas can subtly or seriously alter hair’s natural behaviour for increased ease of styling. At Black2Blond Spa & Salon we use perm formulas that reduce the need for harsh chemicals, eliminate post service odour and lock in condition.


Perm based on consultation
$110 – up